About Peppe

“A Truth Neapolitan Recipe – An original Neapolitan sauce is without question, all in the process of preparation. We make the tomato sauce before the seasonal rain would arrive. We cook it , we filter it and boil these beautiful fresh Plum Tomatoes; after this process we would then place it into jars which would allow us to have the tomato sauce all winter.”

Giuseppe Castellano, Chef

Influenced in his early years by the culinary arts of peasantry and traditional Italian dishes; he found his passion for the himself in its discovery.

Chef Giuseppe Castellano was the product of the culinary arts, from the earliest days of his grandfather who sold wine, and bread to his mother who was much of his earliest influences.

Born to two brothers already in the culinary industry ; one a chef and one a General Manager. Giuseppe Castallano has always had a passion for the culinary arts.

Since he was young he as always wanted be older. Growing up in the small town outside of Napoli, POZZUOLLI.. In 1981, at the age of 6 years old, Little Giuseppe moved to Giugliano after the big earth quake where his mother came from.

As many of the greats, Giuseppe draws from many of the traditional (authentic) Neapolitan dishes discovered and his restaurant and 5 Star Hotel experience which have included Hotel Leopardi, Ched Di Meo – Salvatori, La Misenetta, to La Canzunuolla, Resideza Hotel, and other locations in many parts of the world.

To truly appreciate the dish; one must be aware and appreciate the selection of process of the goods. Peppe, as commonly called amongst his close friends in hometown of Naples, One could credit much of his natural talent was ever present since early.

Every great chef acknowledges his early influences; and Giuseppe gives much credit to his upbringing and early inspirational dishes by his mother and his early travels. He has always also accredited much of his talent and ability to choose the right ingredients always influenced his inability to settle for anything but the best.

Most importantly, she taught him to appreciate quality in the ingredients, discover in the kitchen and delicious “mistakes” in the journey of cooking.